FreeImagePy history page

Version history:
Last version 1.3.0

* : fixed
- : removed
! : changed
+ : added

1.3.0 - 05/2006
! New FreeImage 3.9.0 support
+ Singleton for library istance
+ Metadata support (read only) via metadata property of Image class
+ Unicode support
+ bpp propriety to Image class
! convertToMultiPage now use getParametersFromExt for try to understang what
  the developer want.
! switch to ctypes Now I use the more-cross platform ctypes.util.find_library and
  raise FreeImagePy_LibraryNotFound if I can't find it.
* test that not work correctly if PIL aren't found
* GetPixelIndex bug

1.2.4 - 02/2006
 * getParametersFromExt now return the filename, useful on save methods

1.2.3 - 02/2006
 ! ctypes are required
 ! ctypes.windll/cdll.Loadlibrary -> ctypes.windll/cdll.find

1.2.2 - 02/2006
 * bug in convertToPil resolved
 + add convertToPil on Image class

1.2.1 - 02/2006
 + convertToPil method that return, if PIL is present, a PIL image from FreeImagePy
 * page (pageNum) variable aren't present on setCurrentPage, so an exception was raised
 * DeInitalize library now see if the module need to unload the library.
   Before now, I call always the DeInitialise functions, and this isn't good!
 * Bug in save method into Image class (typ -> type)
 - atexit don't work like I aspcet. No more use it

1.2.0 - 01/2006
 + Start the port to a more pythonic interface. See Image class documentation (or the examples)
 + Into Image class add some useful functions like __repr__ or status and format
 + Some class for standardize the data: FISize, FIPoint
 ! Some functions that now remember and set it to the bitmap resolution.
   This is a work that freeimage library not do, so I make it for it.
 * A bug in *nix mode that cause a problem when getStatus are called
 * GetPageCount now work

1.1.0 - 10/2005
 ! Upgrade to freeimage 3.8.0
 + Handle functions that make those functions work:
 + loadFromFile, saveToFile functions that work with opened file ojects
   (thanks to Lenard Lindstrom)
 + loadFromBuffer, getBuffer that get and return a string. Use the above
 + ConvertToGreyscale
 + Unit test (thanks to Lenard Lindstrom)
 ! support for 48-bit to ConvertTo24Bits
 ! print a UserWarning if I don't found a function into library
 ! Some code into

1.0.0 - 08/2005
 + First public release