Welcome to the FreeImagePy home page

This library wrap the FreeImage library functions so a python developer can easy drive FreeImage .dll/.so
For do it I use ctypes and the FreeImage library.

  • A lot of function bound, but not all, sorry!
  • Internal helper functions, like genericLoaded, loadAndSave, convertToMultipage and convertToSinglePage
  • Functions naming: internal FreeImage library has the function's names with the first character uppercase. I leave it unchanged and add my internal functions with the first char lowercase.
  • Depth color control: some functions work only with some color depth, so I make a control if the bitmap that the developer pass me to work on has the right depth, unless, I raise WrongColorDepth.
  • Status control: after instanced the library, call the GetStatus function and I'll return the library status
  • Generic library path support: when you instance me, you can pass me the library path, unless I'll search for FreeImage.dll, or /usr/lib/libfreeimage.so.3.
  • Thanks to ctypes I'll work on all the O.S. where FreeImage and ctypes can be compiled (I think a lot)